Handcrafted Burgers

Our farmhouse burgers are topped with fresh ruby red tomatoes, thinly sliced onion, crisp lettuce and pickles. Served with fries on a sweet, buttery soft, freshly baked bun with a loving spoonful of good stuff sauce.

Farmhouse Burger 8.49
Natural Farm Raised Beef

Farmhouse Cheese 8.99
Dairy Fresh American Cheese 

Farmhouse Bacon Cheese 9.49
Applewood Bacon, American Cheese

Chicken Burger 9.49
Boneless chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion. Cheddar add $0.75. Bacon add $1.50.

Mushroom Burger 9.49
Sautéed mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese

Teriyaki Burger 9.49
Marinated in Teriyaki glaze, served with swiss cheese and pineapple.

Fish Burger 9.49
Fish with shredded lettuce and cheddar cheese

Garden Burger 9.49
The taste sensation that is a great alternative to meat

Chili Burger 9.49
Grilled burger smothered in delicious chili, cheddar cheese and onions


Served with our soup of the day or a tossed green salad

Captain’s Plate 12.99
A tasty assortment of prawns, cod, oysters & shrimp

Fish and Chips 10.69

Fried Prawns 11.79

Chicken Strips & Fries 10.69

Fried Chicken 10.99

Chicken Fried Steak 10.29
Served with mashed potatoes and our very own cream gravy

Hamburger Steak 9.49
1⁄2 lb. ground beef served with mashed potatoes and gravy

Luncheon Steak 12.79
Grilled and served with garlic toast

Spaghetti and Meatballs 9.99

Spaghetti and Chicken 10.99

Lasagna 9.99

Heart Smart Grill 9.79
Your choice of grilled chicken break or cod. Served with rice and fresh fruit 


Beef or Chicken Quesadilla 9.49
Two flour tortillas, Jack Cheddar cheese, bacon, tomatoes & red onions. 

Low Carb Plate 9.49
Burger patty, cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes

Garlic Bread and Marinara 5.99

Cheese Quesadilla 6.99

Onion Rings 7.49

Nachos 8.99

Potato Skins 8.99


Served with choice of soup, fries, green salad or potato salad

Philly Cheese Steak 9.49
Our own roast beef grilled with peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Topped with Swiss on a soft alpine roll

Grilled Reuban 9.49
Traditional corned beef grilled with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on rye with thousand island dressing

Clubhouse 9.49
Three layers: bacon, lettuce., tomatoes and turkey

Mr. Broadway 9.99
Deli turkey grilled and served our sourdough with tomato, bacon and cheddar

Monte Cristo 9.99
French toast stacked with turkey, ham, and Swiss

Hot Beef or Turkey Sandwich 9.49
Your choice of beef or turkey on bread with our homemade gravy and mashed potatoes

Hamburger Dip 9.49
1⁄2 lb. of ground beef on a French roll with warm au jus

French Dip 9.49
Our own roast beef grilled on an alpine roll with au jus

Hoagie 9.49
Ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato and Swiss cheese piled high on a hoagie bun

Turkey Supreme 9.49
Warm slices of turkey with Swiss cheese, on grilled sourdough with avocado and bacon

Steak Sandwich 12.79
Open faced, cooked your way

Patty Melt 9.99
Choice ground sirloin and sautéed onions on rye bread with melted cheese

Cajun Chicken Sandwich 9.49
Spicy boneless chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and pickles 

Deli Sandwiches

Served with your choice of potato salad, green salad, soup or fries

Grilled Cheese & Tomato 7.99

Roast Turkey 7.99

BLT 8.49

Tuna Fish Sandwich 7.99

Roasted Beef 7.99

Corned Beef 7.99

Sliced Ham 7.99

“The Simbo” Grilled Ham & Cheese on Garlic Bread 7.99

Say Hello to Fresh Salads

Chef Salad 9.49
Fresh greens topped with ham, turkey, tomato, egg, and cheddar cheese

Chicken Caesar Salad 12.49
Broiled chicken breast atop fresh romaine greens, shredded parmesan cheese and garlic croutons tossed in creamy Caesar dressing

Cobb Salad 11.79
Crisp Romaine topped with bacon, chicken, tomato, egg and Gorgonzola crumbles

Chicken and Spinach Salad 10.79
Fresh spinach piled high and covered with chicken, bacon, and mushrooms sautéed in Italian dressing

Cranberry Walnut Salad 12.79
Chicken served over a bed of mixed greens with candied walnuts, dried cranberries and topped with bleu cheese crumbles, and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Taco Salad 10.79
Layered tortilla chips and mixed greens topped with cheddar, olives, tomatoes, and your choice of seasoned beef or chicken

Sante Fe Salad 10.49
A bed of mixed greens topped with chicken, bacon, Jack Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions & sour cream, served with our salsa ranch dressing

Blackened Salmon Caesar 10.49
A bed of romaine lettuce tossed in creamy Caesar dressing & topped with blackened salmon, tomatoes & a lemon wedge

Darrell’s Shrimp Louie 10.49
Greens with carrot, cabbage, tomato, egg & shrimp

Cottage Cheese & Fruit Salad 10.49
Two generous scoops of cottage cheese with fruit slices

Fried Chicken Salad 9.79

Lunch Sides

Homemade Soup
Cup 2.79 Bowl 4.49

Potato Salad 3.99

Cottage Cheese 3.99

Cup 2.99 Bowl 5.29

French Fries 3.99

Tossed Green Salad 3.99

Onion Rings 4.39

Loaded Baked Potato 4.99

Sweet Potato Fries 4.99

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy 2.99


Soft Drinks 2.49

Breakfast Juice 2.99

Milk 2.99

Coffee 2.29

Milkshakes 3.89

Endless Iced Tea 2.29

Hot Chocolate 2.99

Tea / Herbal Tea 2.99

Small Meals

For our junior guests 12 and under. All Small meals are 6.49 each

Spaghetti – Fish & Chips – Soup & Salad – Grilled Cheese Hamburger & Fries – Chicken & Chips – Half Waffle & Bacon – French Toast – Strawberry Pancake Bacon, Egg & Pancake